Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cleaning Out Grandma's House

Yesterday a bunch of us in our family went down to Grandma's house to box everything up and move it out. Grandpa Lawrence Wisner passed away almost 2 months ago now, and it was decided that she should live with some caretakers since she can't take care of herself and she has lost memory.

I was looking forward to going through all of their stuff in hopes of finding old documents and pictures I had never seen before. I had asked them many times for info and docs and they gave me a bunch of info and I scanned some good stuff, but I thought that there had to be more. And there was!

I was working for quite a while in their office, I guess you could call it. I found a bunch of great old pictures and a few documents and newspaper clippings. They had some obituaries and wedding announcements that were great. And in one of them I was finally able to find out when Lawrence Wisner's parents were married. I had figured out the year, but I hadn't been able to establish the month and day, but with the help of their marriage announcement in a newspaper clipping I saw it - June 11, 1921.

It's going to take me quite a while to go through all the good stuff that we found, and it's going to be real fun.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Family Resemblance - The Morey Chin

When looking through family pictures of relatives during various times in their life, I often find pictures in which they look like another relative. Usually it is a parent or a child, but sometimes is a grandparent.

This example is of the "Morey Chin" - at least that is what I'm calling it. I don't know who it originates from but Martha Morey (1876-1939) definitely had it. It is a relatively broad and square jaw. Her son Raymond C Wisner (1900-1977) also had it. Here are some comparison photos.

You can see on the sides of the cheeks and jaw as they get older they both have 2 lines on either side. There is yet another person in this line that appears to have the Morey Chin to me, and that would be Raymond's daughter Millie.

After looking at these pictures, to me it seems that Millie's chin might look a little more like her grandmother's. Maybe that's because it appears that Raymond has a cleft chin, while the other two do not. That makes them have a smoother, rounder tip to the chin while maintaining the squareness of the jaw that Raymond has.