(I) The furthest generation in the Wisner line that I have been able to confirm is William Wisner. He was born around 27 March of 1783 in either New York or Pennsylvania. I haven't been able to definitively confirm who his parents were. It's possible that he descends from Johannes Weesner, who immigrated from Switzerland. I have not been able to make the connection yet though. There is more on the Johannes Weesner family in the book "The Wisners in America" written by George Franklin Wisner and published in 1918.

William Wisner married Elizabeth Badgley in around the year 1813 in New York. She was the daughter of Anthony Badgley and Mary Elizabeth Bookhout. Together they had 10 children, and lived in Onondaga County, near Syracuse. After living in New York for a while they moved to Avon in Lake County, Illinois in around the year 1850. William Wisner passed away on 25 November 1877.

1. Prentice M Wisner b: 26 OCT 1815 in New York
2. Sarah Ann Wisner b: 9 OCT 1817 in New York
3. Anthony B Wisner b: 28 NOV 1819 in New York
4. Maryetta Wisner b: 14 OCT 1821 in New York
5. William Abner Wisner b: 2 APR 1824 in New York
6. Henry S Wisner b: 21 JUN 1826 in New York
7. George Albert Wisner b: 24 MAY 1829 in New York
8. Margaret E Wisner b: 16 SEP 1831 in New York
9. Marshall Wirt Wisner b: 29 DEC 1833 in New York
10 James Wisner b: ABT 1835 in New York

(II) George Albert Wisner was born on 24 May 1829 in New York, but later lived in Avon in Illinois. I recently discovered the fact that on 14 December 1853 George Wisner was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason at the Rising Sun Lodge #115 A.F. & A.M. in Grayslake, Illinois. He would later marry Julia Ann Barto on 16 October 1859, just over the border in Wilmot Wisconsin. They would have 4 children together, the first possibly being born in Missouri, but I haven't been able to confirm that.

George would later move to Washington by himself. I don't know if he was going west to get work, or if he was just separating from his wife. He would never see his family again because he died there on 8 Aug 1905. His obituary was printed in the Chehalis Bee Nugget on 11 August.

Chehalis Bee Nugget 1905 Aug 11, George Wisner Death

Napavine, Aug. 8. - Geo. Wisner died at his home one and one-half miles east of Napavine August 7. Mr. Wisner was 77 years old, and moved to this state from Illinois about three years ago. His wife and four children survive the deceased, three of the children - one son and two daughters - are living in the east. The bereaved family has the sympathy of this community. The funeral will be held at the Methodist church and the remains will be buried in the Napavine cemetery.

Here are the names of his children:
1. May Ellen Wisner b: MAR 1866 in Missouri
2. Lawrence Smith Wisner b: 8 APR 1870 in Waukegan, Lake Co, IL
3. Mattie Irene Wisner b: MAY 1872 in Waukegan, Lake Co, IL
4. Guy Clifford Wisner b: 1 JAN 1880 in Waukegan, Lake Co, IL

(III) Lawrence Smith Wisner was born on 8 April 1870 in Waukegan Illinois. He married Martha Cornelia Morey on 1 June 1899. They would have 2 sons born, but the second died when he was about 3. They moved from Illinois to California before 1910. They lived mostly in Lodi, but were also in Calaveras County for a while where they homesteaded. Lawrence Wisner died in Lodi on 12 January 1939. He was buried in the Woodbridge Masonic Cemetery there which makes me think that like his father he was also a Mason, but I have no other information to confirm that.

1910 Lawrence S Wisner Family
1. Raymond Clifford Wisner b: 1 APR 1900 in Waukegan, Lake Co, IL
2. Frank Morey Wisner b: ABT 1903 in Grays Lake, Lake Co, IL

(IV) Rev Raymond Clifford Wisner was born on 1 April 1900 in Waukegan Illinois and moved with his parents to California. There he met and married Beatrice Marie Hawver. They were married around the year 1921. They would move to El Monte in the Los Angeles area, and then finally moved to Mt Shasta in northern California to live out the rest of their days. Raymond was a pastor in the Evangelical Free Church.

Raymond Wisner Family 1935
1. Mildred Marie Wisner b: 18 FEB 1923 in Madera Co, CA
2. Lawrence Benjamin Wisner b: 1 JUN 1924 in Chowchilla, Madera Co, CA
3. Ruth Margaret Wisner b: 24 NOV 1927 in Tulare Co, CA

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