The Hawver family has been an interesting one to research for me. It has had many road blocks forcing me to search in places I never thought to search before, making me put together many clues in the Hawver puzzle. It has also been nice in a way because most of the research I do is from other countries or other states. With the Hawvers, they have lived in my state of California for over 150 years AND some even lived in the the next county over from where I live now, allowing me to make use of some local libraries.

(I) The furthest ancestor that I have been able to find in the Hawver line is Engelhard Haber. His name is mentioned in the probate records as the grandfather of Christian Haber. I found his basic information in the book The Palatine Families of New York. In that book it also mentions that Engelhard was from Salzburg in modern day Germany and died in 1699 and was 81 years and almost 5 months old (which means he would have been born around 1618). So far I have only found one son that is possibly attributed to him, and that is more because of the fact that he is who people think is the father of Christian (again, grandson of Englehard).
1. Didymus Haber b: ca 1650 in Salzberg, Hessen, (Germany)

(II) The first immigrant to America on the Hawver side was Didymus Haber, and it is because he was listed on the same boat that carried Christian Haber and his family during the Palatine Immigration in colonial history. It is assumed that he is the father of Christian Haber. The Palatine Immigration took place around 1710 and consisted mainly of Germans living in the Palatine region of the Rhine. I haven't researched this historical event very much, but it looks like around 13,000 German Palatines moved to England in 1709 and the English tried to find places for them all. One solution was to transport nearly 3,000 across the ocean to the colony of New York in 1710.

According to the book The Palatine Families of New York, Didymus had at least 7 children:
1. Christian Haber b: ABT 1680 in Salzberg, Hessen, (Germany)
2. Magdalena Haber b: ABT 1682 in (Germany)
3. Elisabetha Haber b: ABT 1684 in (Germany)
4. Catharina Haber b: in (Germany)
5. Johan Henrich Haber bapt: 26 JAN 1693 in (Germany)
6. Anna Barbara Haber b: 21 MAR 1696 in (Germany)
7. Johan Adam Haber bapt: 22 MAR 1699 in (Germany)

(III) Christian Haber was born probably somewhere around 1680 in (Germany). After immigrating to New York in 1710, he was married to Anna Gertrude Werner on 21 December 1711. Again, according to the book The Palatine Families of New York, I found out a little bit of info on him. Here is a quote from the book giving a brief bio of him.

Christian Haber made his initial appearance on the Hunter Lists 4 July 1710 with 3 pers. over 10 yrs.; the entry for 24 Dec 1711 read Christian Haber and Sisters. His sister Elizabeth had a special notation correcting an error in bookkeeping throughout 1712. Christian Haber of Queensbury was a soldier in 1711 (Palatine Volunteers To Canada). Christiaen Haver was nat. 17 Jan 1715/16 (Albany Nats.). Ensign Christeian Haber was an officer in ye Palatin villages in the Albany Co. Militia in ye Mannor of Livingston in 1733 (Report of the State Historian, Vol. I, p. 573). Christian Haver was on tax rolls in the Rhinebeck region 1739/40 to 1741/42 (Dutchess Co. Tax Lists). He was a freeholder in 1763 at East Camp (Albany Co. Freeholders). Administration Papers in the estate of Christian Haver and the Manor of Livingston were issued 5 June 1775 (Genealogical Data from Administration Papers, p. 146).

Christian and Anna had at least 11 children. They were:
1. Peter Haber b: in New York
2. Freiderich Haber b: ABT 1716 in New York
3. Anna Catharina Haber b: ABT 1718 in New York
4. Margaretha Haber b: in New York
5. Christina Haber b: 12 JAN 1721 in New York
6. Magdalena Haber b: 15 OCT 1722 in New York
7. Christian Haber b: 29 SEP 1726 in New York
8. Barbara Haber b: in New York
9. Elisabetha Haber bapt: 3 MAY 1733 in Germantown, Columbia Co, NY
10. Zacharias Haber b: 30 JAN 1735 in New York
11. Johannes Haber b: ABT 1737 in New York

(IV) If it weren't for the book The Palatine Families of New York, I probably wouldn't have as much info on the Hawver family. There isn't a lot of info on Johannes Haber in the book, but it does have all of the baptism dates for his children from church records. I have not been able to find those records online yet, but hope to some day. Another tidbit that I find interesting is the name Haver. It seems like Johannes may have been the turning point in the spelling. Before him most records seem to show Haber, but with him and after it starts to be spelled Haver. I don't have many records so the change may have started a little earlier, but Johannes is where I have chosen to start the name spelling change in my family tree for now, as it evolves into Hawver.

Johannes married Barbara Laurie on 29 November 1757. They had at least 9 children:
1. Maria Haver bapt: 23 DEC 1757 in Germantown, Columbia Co, NY
2. Gertraud Haver bapt: 4 MAR 1759 in Germantown, Columbia Co, NY
3. Christian Haver bapt: 27 MAR 1761 in Germantown, Columbia Co, NY
4. Maria Haver bapt: 28 NOV 1762 in Germantown, Columbia Co, NY
5. Elisabetha Haver bapt: 10 FEB 1765 in Germantown, Columbia Co, NY
6. Johannes "John" Haver bapt: 1 MAR 1767 in Germantown, Columbia Co, NY
7. Catharina Haver bapt: 17 SEP 1769 in Germantown, Columbia Co, NY
8. Christina Haver bapt: 20 OCT 1771 in Germantown, Columbia Co, NY
9. Petrus Haver bapt: 6 FEB 1773 in Germantown, Columbia Co, NY

(V) Johannes (John) Haver was baptized in 1767 in New York. Other than that fact, and the fact that he married Christina Wolf on 17 September 1786, I don't have much other info on his life. He did have at least 13 children born though. They were:
1. Catharina Haver bapt: 14 JAN 1787 in Kinderhook, Columbia Co, NY
2. Maria Haver bapt: 24 AUG 1788 in Kinderhook, Columbia Co, NY
3. Betsey Haver bapt: 17 JAN 1790 in Kinderhook, Columbia Co, NY
4. Johannes "John" Hawver b: 11 SEP 1791 in Kinderhook, Columbia Co, NY
5. Petrus Haver b: 6 SEP 1793 in Kinderhook, Columbia Co, NY
6. Annatje Haver b: 5 APR 1795 in Kinderhook, Columbia Co, NY
7. Christina Haver b: 20 SEP 1796 in Kinderhook, Columbia Co, NY
8. Jacob Haver b: 13 MAY 1798 in Kinderhook, Columbia Co, NY
9. Abraham Haver b: 23 AUG 1802 in Kinderhook, Columbia Co, NY
10. Henry Haver b: 11 AUG 1800 in Kinderhook, Columbia Co, NY
11. Andreas Haver b: 5 SEP 1804 in Columbia Co, NY
12. Michael Haver b: 4 MAR 1806 in Kinderhook, Columbia Co, NY
13. Gertje Haver b: 24 DEC 1807 in Columbia Co, NY

(VI) Johannes (John) Hawver is where (again not precisely sure) the name seems to evolve again, at least in spelling. This time from Haver to Hawver, maybe because of the pronunciation. Haver looks like is should be said HAY-ver, where has the name in German would probably sound more like HAW-ver, which is most likely what the original Haber would sound like I guess. I'm not up to speed on my German b/v pronunciations.

Johannes is the first in the Hawver line that I have found evidence for that wasn't in a book. Not that books aren't evidence, but I found him in census records, and where he was buried. Finding a grave stone for me is like, dude- that's where his body is so he must be real. Anyway...Johannes married Catherine Dopp (sometimes Doop) on 27 Dec 1811 in New York. They lived in New York up through 1840. After that his family started to trickle west. In 1843 he purchased some land in McHenry County, Illinois. He lived there until his death on 1 October 1870. He had at least 8 children:
1. Christina Hawver b: 8 MAY 1812 in Kinderhook, Columbia Co, NY
2. Peter D. Hawver b: 28 MAR 1814 in Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., NY
3. Anna Maria Hawver b: 11 MAR 1816 in New York
4. John Hawver b: 7 APR 1820 in Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., NY
5. Henry Sylvester Hawver b: 4 JAN 1822 in New York
6. Amelia C Hawver b: 6 DEC 1831 in New York
7. Charlotte Hawver b: ABT 1834 in New York
8. Alfred Hawver b: 19 JUN 1839 in New York

(VII) Henry Sylvester Hawver was born in 1822 in New York. He seemed to be quite the pioneer. He moved from New York to Wisconsin/Illinois around 1839. His parents moved to McHenry County, Illinois and he moved to Walworth County in the Wisconsin Territory. If you look on a map at where they were they actually lived, they were all on the current border. As I was doing a little more research on the region I discovered Wisconsin didn't become a state until 1848, so I don't know exactly what the area was called at the time, if it was Illinois or Wisconsin, depending on where the border was.

He was married on 27 March 1842 to Anastasia Noailles Douglass in Walworth County, Wisconsin Territory. In 1850 he headed west to California during the gold rush. I haven't found much information on where he was in California or what he did, other than census records, but in his obituary it actually tells sums up his life quite nicely I think. This was written in the Placer Herald in Auburn, California:

Death of Henry S. Hawver
Henry Sylvester Hawver, father of Dr. J.C. Hawver, died in this city on Friday of last week at the age of 81 years. The deceased was born in New York, January 4, 1822. His parents located shortly after in Wisconsin, where his childhood and young manhood were passed, and where, in 1842, he married the daughter of Judge Douglas. In 1850 he crossed the plains with the rush of gold seekers to California, where his wife and four children joined him three years later. He mined in El Dorado, farmed in San Benito, teamed to Virginia City in it's boom time, lumbered in the Sierras, and finally settled in Nevada county among the hydraulic mines, where he made his home for thirty years. A short time ago he was brought to Auburn for special care and treatment, owing to his fast failing health.

Mr. Hawver's life was that of the typical pioneer, pushing his way toward the setting sun, with more hope for tomorrow than confidence in today.

He had around 8 children that I have been able to piece together from various sources:
1. Harriet R Hawver b: 27 DEC 1842 in Wisconsin Territory
2. Monroe Emilious Hawver b: ABT 1845 in Wisconsin Territory
3. Louretta Phebe Hawver b: 1 SEP 1847 in Wisconsin Territory
4. Henry Felicious Hawver b: 9 JUL 1849 in Wisconsin
5. J.C. Hawver b: 4 OCT 1854 in California
6. Lydia Angeline Hawver b: 9 OCT 1856 in California
7. Anastasia N. Hawver b: 9 JUN 1859 in California
8. Henry Douglas Hawver b: 23 APR 1863 in California

(VIII) It took me a long time to figure out who Monroe Emelious Hawver was. I had started with his descendants and worked my way up the tree until I got stuck with his son. I had conflicting info on what his name was. After a while I gathered enough evidence to learn his name was Monroe Emelious. Part of the problem is that he had a short life. He was born around 1845 in the Wisconsin Territory, and later came to California with is mom and siblings. He married Julia Frances Keith on 6 September 1874 in Hollister California. According to family stories he was killed in 1879 by a Mexican man in an argument over a horse. However a couple years before he died he had a son:
1. Benjamin Monroe Hawver b: 22 SEP 1877 in Hollister, San Benito Co, CA

(IX) Benjamin Monroe Hawver was the only child of Monroe Hawver. He was born in 1877 in California. According to family stories he had a hard childhood, involving beatings from his step-father. He ran away from home when he was in his mid teens and went to San Francisco, doing odd jobs and just trying to make a living. He wrote to his mother to say he was ok, but those letters were intercepted by his step-father. Finally one letter made it through a couple years later and his mother left her husband and went to live with Ben in San Francisco.

In San Francisco Ben fell in love with, and married Magdalena Marie Gall on 15 April 1900. He and his new wife moved to Nevada County across the state in the mountains near Nevada and had their first child Beatrice. There had been some family stories that Beatrice was the daughter of Ben, but not Magdalena, but I have found enough evidence that disproves that story. Ben had 5 children then his wife died. Here is a picture of him with his 5 children:

Benjamin Monroe Hawver with 5 Children 1921

His first 5 children were:
1. Beatrice Marie "Bea" Hawver b: 6 JAN 1901 in Floriston, Nevada Co, CA
2. Ruth Frances Hawver b: 18 JUL 1904 in Calaveras Co, CA
3. Gustav Benjamin "Gus" Hawver b: 10 MAY 1909 in Calaveras Co, CA
4. Julia Louise "Judy" Hawver b: 2 JUL 1913 in Hawver Ranch near San Andreas, Calaveras Co, CA
5. Eleanor Edith "Bobby" Hawver b: 28 OCT 1914 in Calaveras Co, CA

He married again years later to Edith Beckman and had a couple more kids. Here are his children with Edith:
6. Reatha Caroline Hawver b: 20 JUN 1926 in Calaveras Co, CA
7. Monroe Chester "Bud" Hawver b: 20 JAN 1928 in Calaveras Co, CA
8. Unnamed Hawver b: 16 JUN 1931 in Calaveras Co, CA

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