The Koops family has proved to be a little more difficult in researching, and I have not found as much information as I would like. The early family lived in Pieze in the province of Drenthe. Later they would move to the province of Noord Brabant, followed by Noord Holland and finally moving to America. Here is a picture of the church in Pieze from when I visited there in the summer of 2013

Peize Church

When researching I have found a few different variations on the name as it passes from first to last name: Coop, Coob, Koob and of course Koop. Another name in the Koops line that has been passed around a lot is Barend and it's variations like Bareld, Barelt, Barendt and Bernard. I hope to find more solid information about the early Koops, but for now this is the backbone of my direct line.

(I) Jan Koops was born around the year 1690 in the Netherlands. He was the son of a man named Koop. He married Marchien Barelds on 13 November 1712 in the town of Pieze, in the province of Drenthe, Netherlands. They had at least 2 children:
1. Koop Jans b: ABT 1713 in Peize, Drenthe, Netherlands
2. Bareld Jans

(II) Koop Jans was born around 1713 in the town of Pieze. He married Zwaantien Roelefs on 6 July 1734 in Pieze. They had at least 3 children:
1. Bareld Koops b: 19 MAY 1745 in Peize, Drenthe, Netherlands
2. Margien Koops
3. Jan Koops

(III) Bareld Koops was born on 19 May 1745 in Pieze and lived there until his death on 25 November 1826. He is the first documented person in this line to carry the surname of Koops. I don't know if they used it before that, but definitely by 1811 they were using Koops. He was married to Roelofje Jacobs around the year 1776. Together they had at least 5 children:
1. Koop Barelds Koops b: 2 MAR 1778 in Peize, Drenthe, Netherlands
2. Jacob Barelds Koops b: 24 SEP 1780 in Peize, Drenthe, Netherlands
3. Jan Barelds Koops b: 5 OCT 1783 in Peize, Drenthe, Netherlands
4. Margien Barelds Koops b: 22 NOV 1786 in Peize, Drenthe, Netherlands
5. Zwaantien Barelds Koops b: 4 OCT 1792 in Peize, Drenthe, Netherlands

(IV) Koop Barelds Koops was born on 2 March 1778 in Pieze and only lived to be 51, and passed away on 21 December 1829 in Pieze. He married Annegien Abels Oetses on 16 May 1805. Together they had at least 6 children:
1. Bareld Koops b: BEF 22 SEP 1805 in Peize, Drenthe, Netherlands
2. Hinderkien Koops b: 23 MAY 1810 in Fokswolde, Drenthe, Netherlands
3. Roelfien Koops b: 10 JUN 1814 in Peizerwold, Drenthe, Netherlands
4. Abel Koops b: 8 OCT 1817 in Peize, Drenthe, Netherlands
5. Hinderkien Koops b: 13 AUG 1821 in Peize, Drenthe, Netherlands
6. Jantien Koops b: ABT 1826

(V) Bareld Koops was baptized on 22 September 1805 in Pieze. He moved to the province of Noord Brabant, most likely because that is where his wife's family was from. He married Geertrui Rutten on 24 May 1833. He would live an even shorter life than his father, only reaching the age of 40 and passing away on 30 August 1846. Before he died, he and Geertrui had 7 children:
1. Cornelia Koops
2. Jacobus Koops b: 27 MAR 1835 in Woudrichem, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
3. Cornelis Koops b: 14 APR 1836 in Almkerk, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
4. Roelof Koops b: 19 SEP 1838 in Rijswijk, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
5. Jan Koops b: 28 JAN 1840 in Rijswijk, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
6. Gerrit Koops b: in Rijswijk, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
7. Arie Koops

(VI) Cornelis Koops was born on 14 April 1836 in the city of Almkerk. He married Tuentje van Helden on 14 August 1862 in Dussen. Cornelis also died relatively young, probably around the age of 50 to 55. His widow remarried in 1892. Together, Cornelis and Tuentje had 7 children:
1. Adriana Koops b: 1 DEC 1862 in Dussen, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
2. Barend Cornelis “Bernard” Koops b: 17 DEC 1864 in Emmikhoven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
3. Geertruida Alida Koops b: ABT 1871 in Almkerk, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
4. Maria Koops b: 6 AUG 1872 in Dussen, Noord-Brabants, Netherlands
5. Arie Bastiaan Koops b: 10 AUG 1874 in Dussen, Noord-Brabants, Netherlands
6. Jacob Roelof Koops b: 21 NOV 1875 in Dussen, Noord-Brabants, Netherlands
7. Arie Koops b: FEB 1881 in Sloten, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Cornelis Arie Koops and William Koops(VII) Barend Cornelis "Bernard" Koops was born in Emmikhoven on 17 December 1864. He was married to Johanna Volkers on 19 May 1892 in Hattem in Gelderland. They had two children and then Barend came over to America in 1911 with his oldest son. Then in 1920 his wife and other son came over. Barend must have gone back at some time because he is also on the passenger list in 1920. Barend Americanized his name to Bernard. He lived to be 80, and died on 8 October 1945 in Iowa. Barend and Johanna's two boys were:
1. William Cornelis Koops b: 5 FEB 1893 in Netherlands
2. Cornelis Arie “Case” Koops b: 27 MAR 1896 in Sloten, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

There are not very many pictures of them, but at least one copy of the two brothers still exists. This picture to the left was probably taken a little after 1900, probably before 1905 while they were still living in the Netherlands.

(VIII) Cornelis Arie "Case" Koops was born on 27 March 1896 in Sloten. He was married to Aleida De Haan on 8 April 1920. Soon after they were married they sailed to America and settled in Iowa. They were pretty poor, but they did manage to have a few pictures taken of their children.

Cornelis Arie Koops Family
They had 6 children total all born in Iowa:
1. Johanna Aleida Koops b: 14 MAY 1921 in Orange City, Sioux Co, IA
2. Jack Koops b: 12 JUL 1922 in Orange City, Sioux Co, IA
3. Bernard Koops b: 26 NOV 1924 in Orange City, Sioux Co, IA
4. Albert Koops b: 10 DEC 1926 in Orange City, Sioux Co, IA
5. William Cornelius Koops b: 31 DEC 1928 in Orange City, Sioux Co, IA
6. Aleida Koops b: 13 JUN 1935 in Rock Rapids, Lyon Co, IA

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