Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Wedded Life

Last weekend when we were moving stuff out of my wife's grandma's house, one of the things that I came across was this book: The Wedded Life by J.R. Miller. It was with a little bit of luck that I came across it at all. It was on their shelves with a bunch of other books that we were putting out for the garage sale. It looked a little old to me so I took a closer look and saw written in pencil on the cover "Martha Morey weds Lawrence Wisner."

Wisner-Morey Wedding Book 1

This would be in reference to my wife's grandpa's grandparents (or her 2 great grandparents). It looks like it would have been possibly a wedding present for them as the book is about how to have a good marriage, or how to be married. Also consistant with it being a wedding present is the fact that it was printed in 1894, and they were married in 1899.

Wisner-Morey Wedding Book 3

Also inside in one of the front pages was a fill-out-page of wedding info, sort of like a Bible with family tree info. It had the date of their wedding and the witnesses and is made to look like a wedding certificate. I thought that was kinda cool, I already had that info. But the real treasure was what was just inside the front cover. BAM! 4 newspaper clippings - 3 for their wedding and an obituary for their son that died when he was 3.

Wisner-Morey Wedding Book 2

I already had the date for their wedding, June 1 1899 and the basic info, but it's always cool to find them in the newspaper. Plus these give a little bit more detail about their life, how they were married and where they went on their honeymoon. In the obit it tells of how their son died, which I didn't know before. So anyway I was pretty excited by this find. Here are the 4 clippings from the book if you'd like to see more detail.

Wedding- Wisner Lawrence S 1 Wedding-Wisner Lawrence S 2 Wedding-Wisner Lawrence S 3 Obit-Wisner Frank M 1906