Saturday, February 20, 2016

Thys Broersma Family Portrait

Thys Broersma was the first Broersma in the family to leave the Netherlands and come to the USA. He settled down, and married Gertrude Wichers, and lived the rest of his life in the USA. I recently was able to see a copy of this portrait for the first time. This photo was taken around 1950, of his an Gertrude's 6 kids.

Thys Broersma Family
Thys Broersma (1895-1978)
Gertrude (Wichers) Broersma (1901-1955)
Jeanette Broersma (born 1927)
Julian Broersma (1927-2003)
Marion Broersma (1931-1965)
Chester Broersma (1933-2004)
Delmar Broersma (born 1934)
Marcella Broersma (born 1938)