Friday, February 24, 2012

Four Generation Friday - Firstborn Sons

4 Gen Broersma Lloyd 2007 2
Lloyd Broersma (b. 1927) 1st of 12
Ron Broersma (b. 1954) 1st of 5
Luke Broersma (b. 1979) 1st of 2
Nicholas Broersma (b. 2003) 1st of 3

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Christopher Douglass - Husband and Cousin

Christopher Douglass was born today 225 years ago, on 22 February 1787 in New London, CT. I don't know if his last name should have 1 s or 2, I have seen it both ways. I have seen it more often with a double s, so that's the way I'm spelling it for now.

His parents, Capt. Daniel Douglass and Lydia Douglass, were 3rd cousins. So does that make Christopher's brothers and sisters also 4th cousins? In addition to that, he married Phebe Douglass, who was his 1st cousin, once removed. If it were me, I might be a little suspicious of marrying someone with the same last name as me, especially when they were born in the same town as me, in the same colonial Connecticut. They must have known. When they were kids at Christmas they would be like "Merry Christmas grandma!"
"No that's great grandma!"
"Hey, wanna get married?"

I have found reference to him in a few different books. Here is a quote that gives a brief summary of his life:

History of Walworth county, Wisconsin
By Albert Clayton Beckwith
Pg 511

Christopher Douglass was twice descended from William and Ann, who came to Boston in 1640, and to New London about 1651. He was son of Capt. Daniel5 (Robert4, Thomas3, Robert2, William1), and Lydia5 (William4, Richard3, William21); that is, these were third-cousins. Christopher was born February 22, 1787, at New London, Connecticut; married Phoebe Douglass, his mother's brother William Jr.'s granddaughter. Her parents were Ivory Douglass and Phoebe Smith. He came from Cattaraugus county, New York, to section 28, Walworth, in 1837, with ten children. He was chairman of the board of county commissioners, 1840-2, and a supervisor in 1848. He was one of the earliest school commissioners. He died February 16, 1867. His children were: Oscar Houghton, Christopher Columbus, Aurilla Ann, Roxana Columbia, Maria Theresa, Gilbert Lafayette, Phoebe Angeline, Agnes Noailles, Carlos Lavallette, Maria Louisa Josephine.

In the same book in a different section it made reference to the fact that he was at one time judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Erie county, NY, and also served in the war of 1812.

So in the end it looks like he did ok for himself. 10 kids, getting to be called "Your Honor," and the advantage of having 6 fingers.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tjerk Jack Broersma & Baukje Betty Reeder

Tjerk "Jack" Broersma and Baukje "Betty" Reeder were married 96 years ago today on 19 February 1916 in Sneek, the Netherlands. Tjerk would be my GG Uncle, which would make him my Great Grandfather's brother. My Great Grandfather, Laas Broersma is in the far left, and his dad Jetze Broersma is the one with the beard.

Broersma - Jack & Betty Wedding Family 1916

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Search For Edith May Hilton

There is an adoption in our direct line, which created some mystery about the real parents. Ernest William Earls was born as Aubrey Norman Lovell-Hilton, and his mother was Edith May Hilton. She was born 121 years ago today, on 16 February 1891, in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

Very little is known about her, but at least I was able to find her name on the adoption record. With that I started to look for her in the census records and found her first in 1900 in Weymouth, MA, the daughter of Frank E Hilton.

Edith Hilton 1900 Census Weymouth MA

She had her son when she was 15, in 1906. The story goes that she was with the gardener of her school, and was either raped, or maybe consensual (I've heard both). Either way it was gross because the story also says that he was about 60 years old. She gave him up for adoption and then she can be found in the 1910 census, again in Weymouth, and still living with her father.

Edith Hilton 1910 Census Weymouth MA

On Christmas Eve, 1914, Edith was married to Seth Reed Bates in Abington. I found their marriage in the Massachusetts Marriages, 1841-1915 on One thing that I find interesting is that it says that their residence at the time of marriage is the same. Does that mean they were living together before they were married?

Edith Hilton Seth Bates Marriage Abington MA

She can be found then in the 1920 census with her new husband in Abington, living in the house of his parents.

Edith Hilton 1920 Census Abington MA

By the 1930 census though she is not listed with her husband. According to the column, she is still married and living in Abington, but they are obviously separated.

Edith Hilton 1930 Census Abington MA

He is found living at his parents house again, also in Abington.

Seth Bates 1930 Census Abington MA

So now I'm looking forward to the 1940 census to see where she has ended up. I haven't been able to find any other records on her. I am limited to searching online, and unfortunately not all records in the world are available online.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Annie Rosendale Turns 136

Antje van Rosendal, or in the American tongue Annie Rosendale, was born 136 years ago today, on 13 February 1876. She was born in the tiny town of Dispatch, Kansas to Beert Berends van Rosendal and Maartje Hessels de Jong. I recently was able to scan this photo of her when she was probably 12. It's with her mother and older sister Maggie. Just a couple years later Annie would be married to Marinus Wichers.

Maggie & Annie Rosendale With Mom ca 1888

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jeremiah Jack & Jane Bailey

There are a number of Jeremiah Jacks in my family. This one I'm writing about is NOT the one who was in a canoe and was almost killed by Indians. This Jeremiah Jack would be that other Jeremiah Jack's grandson. He was born in 1804, and 183 years ago today, on 12 February 1829, he married Jane Bailey in McMinn County, Tennessee. They are my 4 Great Grandparents.

I feel like I don't really have a whole lot of information on the Jack line. Most of it has come from someone that I have corresponded with. But one thing that I have found is a record of their marriage, and has an image of it, which is always a bonus.

Jeremiah Jack Marriage 1829 Front

I don't know what the 1250 dollars has to do with it. If their marriage was unlawful, then would they have to pay the $1250? And I'm not sure who Andrew Jack is. As far as I know Jeremiah doesn't have a brother named Andrew. In my notes Jane's father is Andrew Bailey, but the signature is clearly Andrew Jack, so it's not a mistake. On the back there is a little more writing. I can see the word "bond" at the top. On another page in this same collection it looks like it says "marriage bond." I guess I just don't quite understand how the system works.

Jeremiah Jack Marriage 1829 Back

From their marriage they had at least 7 children:
1. John Andrew Jack b: 27 JAN 1836 in Alabama
2. Narcissa Jack b: ABT 1833 in Tennessee
3. William A. Jack b: ABT 1835 in Alabama
4. Hannah Ann Jack b: 20 MAR 1840 in Alabama
5. Thomas M. Jack b: ABT 1843 in Alabama
6. Mary N. Jack b: ABT 1848 in Alabama
7. Lewis B Jack

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy 68th Anniversary Lawrence & Jennie Wisner!

It's not very often that a couple will reach their 68th wedding anniversary while they are still living. Unfortunately due to their declining health, they may not have a memory of it anymore. But here is the jist of it. On 8 February 1944, Lawrence Benjamin Wisner and Jennie Allene Orrell were married in Bethel Church in El Monte, CA. They were married by Lawrence's dad Raymond. Lawrence had joined the Army 1 year before, soon after they were married he had to leave, and a couple weeks after D-Day he would be in Normandy.

Wisner-Lawrence&Jennie 1944

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Birthday Bio - William Douglass (1731-1805)

There is a lot of information already written on the Douglass family, and I have found a lot of William Douglasses. This one was born 279 or 280 years ago today on 7 February 1731 or 1732 in New London, CT. Here is some information that I have found on him.

A collection of family records: with biographical sketches bearing the name Douglas
Charles Henry James Douglas
Pg 147

WILLIAM5 DOUGLAS (William4 Richard3, William2, William1), born in New London, Conn., Feb. 7, 1731-2. He married, May 31, 1752, Mary, daughter of Ivory and Mary Lucas, of New London. He was first constable and collector in New London from 1764 to 1772. He died Oct. 1, 1805. She died Jan. 31, 1810, aged 83 years. Children, born in New London :—
242. i. William6, b. Sept. 29, 1753; m. Lucretia Caulkins.
     ii. Margaret6, b. Feb. 19, 1755; m. Joseph Tinker, N. London.
     iii. Mary6, b. Dec. 25, 1757; m. Stephen Morgan, N. London; set. Wethersfield.
243. iv. Caleb6, b. April 16, 1760; m. Grace Morgan.
244. v. Ivory6, b. 1761; m. Phebe Smith.
     vi. Samuel6, b. abt. 1763; m. Deborah, dau. Samuel Morgan, N. London; d. s.p.
245. vii. Jonathan6, b. Aug. 31, 1765; m. Abigail Lay.
     viii. Sarah6, b. 1767; d. young.
240. ix. Daniel6, b. 1770; m. 1st, Lucy6 Douglas, 2d, Amelia6 Douglas.
247. x. Josiah6, b. 1772; m. 1st, Mary Griswold, 2d, Mrs. Elizabeth (Starr) Bishop.
     xi. Richard6, b. 1774; d. young.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Laas Broersma turns 111

My Great Grandfather, Laas "Lawrence" Broersma was born the day after his son was born, at least on the calendar. He was born 111 years ago, on 4 February 1901 in Piaam, in the Netherlands. His son Lloyd was born yesterday, as you can see in the previous blog entry.

Laas was the immigrant ancestor for me on the Broersma side. This picture was taken most likely before he left the Netherlands to come to the United States.

Broersma-Laas ca 1920

Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy 85th Birthday Lloyd Broersma!

Today my grandpa turns 85! He was born on 3 February 1927 in Ireton, Iowa. His full name is Lloyd Julian Broersma. In Dutch tradition the names of the children typically are after the grandparents. Usually the the first son's first name is after the paternal grandfather, with the second name after the father. The first daughter is named after the maternal grandmother, and so on. One time when I was visiting with my grandpa he told me that his first name Lloyd (starting with the letter L) is for his paternal grandmother Luitske, and his middle name Julian (starting with J) is for his paternal grandfather Jetze. When he was growing up they were a pretty poor family, and the women told Lloyd's mom (Grace Gertrude Wichers) that she couldn't name her son such a fancy name since they were poor. She didn't care.

Here's a picture I recently found of him from when he graduated from 8th grade.

Broersma Lloyd 8th Grade Grad

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Job Greene & Merebah Carr

The Greene family seems to be pretty well documented. Almost all of my research on them comes from a book. 255 years ago today, on 2 February 1757, my 6 Great grandparents were married. Here is what is written on their family:

New England families, genealogical and memorial Vol 4
William Richard Cutter
pg 2152, 2191

(IV) Job Greene, son of Henry Greene, was born at West Greenwich, March 2, 1735, and died in Vermont, January 25, 1792. He married, at West Greenwich, February 2, 1757, Meribah Carr, daughter of Caleb and Sarah Carr, the ceremony being performed by Isaac Sheldon, justice of the peace. She was born July 14, 1739, died July 12, 1785. They moved to Halifax, Vermont, and afterward went farther north. In 1790, according to the first federal census, the sons, Job and Nathan, were at St. Albans, Vermont, and Job had in his family one son under sixteen and two females; Nathan had himself and wife.

Children of Job and Meribah:
Eunice, born October 17, 1757;
Sarah, January 1, 1759,
Henry, July 17, 1761 ;
Margaret, August 5, 1762;
Job, mentioned below; November 7, 1765;
Nathan (q. v.), November 7, 1767;
Susanna, January 13, 1770;
Meribah, June 11, 1772;
Humility, May 1, 1774;
Gardner, July 19, 1776;
Polly, February 20, 1779;
Amy, September 7, 1782.