About Me

I became interested in my family tree when I was growing up, but didn't really dive into researching until 2003. A lot of my initial piecing together of my tree started with info that my parents had collected, but quickly moved to mostly online sources.

The info I have found on my side of the family, that all came from the Netherlands, mostly came from the regional archives in Friesland on Tresoar.nl and AlleFriezen.nl. For those in my tree that didn't come from the province of Friesland, I got much of my info from Genlias.nl, GenealogyDomein.nl, Hattem.nl and Drenlias.nl and a few personal pages that people had put together.

On my wife's side of the family, which has a lot of history in the United States, I have used mostly Ancestry.com and have found a lot of info in books that can be found on Google Books.

I have a lot more sources, but these are just the main ones. I don't always put the source for my info in my blog entries, so if you would like to know where something comes from just shoot me an email. I also believe my information to be pretty accurate, but if anyone should find any discrepancies or mistakes please let me know! bassgrab75@yahoo.com