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Henry Sylvester Hawver died 108 years ago

Henry Sylvester Hawver (1822-1903) died 108 years ago today in Auburn California. I have been trying to find where he is buried. I thought that even though he died in Auburn, he would have been buried in Nevada County somewhere since that's where he lived.

I found a copy of his obituary in the Placer Herald on Saturday, 5 September 1903. Here is the text:

Death of Henry S. Hawver
Henry Sylvester Hawver, father of Dr. J.C. Hawver, died in this city on Friday of last week at the age of 81 years. The deceased was born in New York, January 4, 1822. His parents located shortly after in Wisconsin, where his childhood and young manhood were passed, and where, in 1842, he married the daughter of Judge Douglas. In 1850 he crossed the plains with the rush of gold seekers to California, where his wife and four children joined him three years later. He mined in El Dorado, farmed in San Benito, teamed to Virginia City in it's boom time, lumbered in the Sierras, and finally settled in Nevada county among the hydraulic mines, where he made his home for thirty years. A short time ago he was brought to Auburn for special care and treatment, owing to his fast failing health.

He leaves a wife and six children, ninteen grandchildren and nine great grandchildren scattered from Cape Nome to the boarders of Mexico. His surviving children are: Mrs. Cypres Johnson, Pacific Grove, Cal., Mrs. S.W. Modie, Los Angeles; Dr. J.C. Hawver, Auburn; Mrs. John C. Modie, Kern City; Mrs. C.W. Godgrey, Nevada City; Dr. H.D. Hawver, Spokane Wash.

Mr. Hawver's life was that of the typical pioneer, pushing his way toward the setting sun, with more hope for tomorrow than confidence in today.

I went to the Old Aurburn Cemetery to see if there were any Hawvers buried there. I found that JC Hawver had purchased a plot, but when I went to the plot there were no markers there. Later I found in the Hooper Weaver Mortuary Records Index 1877-1928 a reference to Henry S Hawver's wife: Anastasia Noailles (Douglass) Hawver. I went to the Doris Foley Library in Nevada City to look at the record. I discovered that even though she died in Nevada City, she was buried in Auburn, presumably next to her husband.

Check out the document:

Anastasia N Hawver Mortuary Record 1906

So my conclusion is that both Henry and his wife Anastasia are buried at the Old Auburn Cemetery.

For more info on Henry S Hawver that I have found check out my Rootsweb page on him.

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