Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Greene's 181st Anniversary

One of the great connections that I've made in my family research was that Susan Amanda Greene was the daughter of Henry Collomer Greene. It was great because it opened up the door for some family lines that went pretty far back. So 181 years ago today Henry Collamer Greene married Hannah Larrabee on 14 December 1830 in Vermont, probably in St. Albans which is in Franklin County. It was his first wife of 3, and here is the source I found on their marriage and children:

New England Families, genealogical and memorial Vol 4 
William Richard Cutter
pg 2192

(VI) Henry Collamer Greene, son of Nathan Greene, was born at St. Albans, December 6, 1810, died February 21, 1896. He was a farmer in St. Albans, and made a specialty of market gardening. For fifty years he was justice of the peace, and he was also trial justice. He married (first) Hannah Larabee, born January 10, 1812, died July 13, 1855. He married (second) Roby Sisco, (third) Clarissa Drew, a widow.

Children, by first wife:
-Orlando R., born September 15, 1831, died March 9, 1909;
-William H., January 31, 1833, died March 15, 1907;
-Luther O., January 16, 1835, died September 18, 1891;
-Almira L., August 3, 1836, died September 27, 1908, married W. J. Watson;
-Lester B., mentioned below;
-George H., January 24, 1840, died February 20, 1841;
-Sidney T., December 26, 1841;
-Olive A., September 7, 1843, married (first) H. S. Anderson, (second) A. L. Laraway;
-Amanda S., born April 28, 1845. married (first) Nelson Morey, (second) William Anners;
-Maria A., October 20, 1846, married Sexton;
-George H., May 8, 1848;
-Marcus D., June 18, 1850, died June 7, 1910;
-Loren T., March 8, 1851, died January 18, 1913.

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