Friday, September 20, 2013

Gerlof Gerlofs Gerlofsma

Ran across an unfortunate name recently: Gerlof Gerlofs Gerlofsma. Actually, more an unfortunate timing in being born. In Friesland in the Netherlands, children are traditionally named after their grandparents. Also their second name, or patronymic name, is after their father. Then of course they also will have a family name. In this case Gerlof came from his grandfather, Gerlofs basically means son of Gerlof, and Gerlofsma, the family name, means beloning to, or from Gerlof.

Gerlof Gerlofs Gerlofsma

The document image is from Here are some more of the details of the marriage if you are interested off of
Huwelijksakte Franekeradeel, 1852
Bruidegom: Gerlof Gerlofs Gerlofsma, oud 23 jaar, geboren te Achlum
    Vader: Gerlof Gerrits Gerlofsma
   Moeder: Murkje Hyltjes Scheltinga
    Bruid: Trijntje Oepkes Bonnema, oud 22 jaar, geboren te Achlum
    Vader: Oepke Zytzes Bonnema
   Moeder: Baukje Jans Bangma
    Datum: 30 januari 1852, akte nr. 2

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