Monday, December 9, 2013

Amanuensis Monday - Martha Morey's Last Wishes

I came across a note that was written by Martha (Morey) Wisner to her husband Lawrence S Wisner and her son Raymond C Wisner. It appears to be her last wishes, but based on some info she gives in the letter, I think it was written at least 20 to 25 years before she died. She says she wants her son Ray to get married in a few years. He was married in 1921, so it had to be written before that. She died in 1939.

Also in the note, it says that "...if I had been well all these years," which begs the question was she sick? Sick for a long time? Or maybe not quite right in the head? It's hard to tell. I was not aware of any circumstances like that. My first thought was that she might have caught the Spanish Influenza during the outbreak in 1918 or something and thought she might die. But based on the sick for a long time comment, I'm not sure.

Another possibility about her nature could stem from the fact that her 2nd son Frank M Wisner died when he was 3. That was in 1906. Maybe due to that loss her temperament or nature changed. It the note it mentions that she used to rock Frank in a rocking chair, and she wanted Ray to have it. It also made me curious as to where that ended up.

Martha Morey Wishes 1      Martha Morey Wishes 2

To Papa & Raygie, to read later

My Darlings,

If it is God’s will that I shouldn’t come back to you, I want you to get the place – you be a comfort to each other & be good to each other & always stay together & never be separated. I want Ray to marry some nice girl in a few years & have a home & be happy, & papa live with him.

Don’t be an old back, please, read your Bibles & go to church. It makes no difference to me where I’m buried, I like Lodi tho. Cremation would be cheaper. What ever you think best. Don’t mourn. If I go it is for the best. God knows best. I love you both dearly & want you to be good & all in all to each other.

I know I fell short many times but I believe if I had been well all these years, I would have been happier & better natured. You both have been good to me. A woman never had a kinder or more thoughtful husband than you have been to me hubby.

Hope Ray is as good to his wife & I think he will be. Always have good habits Raygie & go with good men & go to church & work in it.

God bless & keep you both
-wife and mother

Any of my things Ray wants he can have. Let Mrs. Lattin have anything of mine I have here she wants. The table cloth with fringe & any waists or dresses. She’s been good to me. Or shoes or slippers. Keep the quilts. The curtains in front room she gave me, she can have them back if she wants them.

I want Ray to always keep my little rocker. I rocked he and Frankie in it when babies. Keep the carpets, Ray will need them some day. I sewed the rags for them all. Raygie is to have the tablecloths & things like that, that are home & anything else he wants. Papa is to always live with Ray.

God bless you both. Both go east some time to see my relatives. Read your Bible, go to church & be Christians – that’s the only way & best way to live.


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