Saturday, March 15, 2014

William & Susan Morey

Today is William Nelson Morey and Susan Amanda Greene's 149th wedding anniversary. I know it's not as cool as the big sesquicentennial, but I wanted an excuse to show off some photos that I found of them. I was never expecting to find any, but while visiting my wife's great aunt's house I came across some.

William and Susan were married on March 15, 1865. These photos of them were labeled on the back saying they were taken in 1865, so probably for their wedding. On a side note, my guess is that these are probably copies as I would expect photos of this age to be tin-type or something.

1865 William N Morey  1865 Susan Amanda (Greene) Morey

Also, with these 2 photos was another one. This one is of the entire Morey family from probably around 1882. They had 6 children total with one dying in 1874 and another dying in 1882. This picture shows 5 children, so it must be from around 1881 or 1882.

William N Morey Family ca 1882

The children in the photo are:
Nellie Hannah (1866-1959)
Edward Henry (1870-1935)
Martha Cornelia (1876-1939)
Mary Etta (1877-1882)
Charlotte Amanda (1879-1949)
*Not in the photo - John F (1867-1874)

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