Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Christopher Douglass - Husband and Cousin

Christopher Douglass was born today 225 years ago, on 22 February 1787 in New London, CT. I don't know if his last name should have 1 s or 2, I have seen it both ways. I have seen it more often with a double s, so that's the way I'm spelling it for now.

His parents, Capt. Daniel Douglass and Lydia Douglass, were 3rd cousins. So does that make Christopher's brothers and sisters also 4th cousins? In addition to that, he married Phebe Douglass, who was his 1st cousin, once removed. If it were me, I might be a little suspicious of marrying someone with the same last name as me, especially when they were born in the same town as me, in the same colonial Connecticut. They must have known. When they were kids at Christmas they would be like "Merry Christmas grandma!"
"No that's great grandma!"
"Hey, wanna get married?"

I have found reference to him in a few different books. Here is a quote that gives a brief summary of his life:

History of Walworth county, Wisconsin
By Albert Clayton Beckwith
Pg 511

Christopher Douglass was twice descended from William and Ann, who came to Boston in 1640, and to New London about 1651. He was son of Capt. Daniel5 (Robert4, Thomas3, Robert2, William1), and Lydia5 (William4, Richard3, William21); that is, these were third-cousins. Christopher was born February 22, 1787, at New London, Connecticut; married Phoebe Douglass, his mother's brother William Jr.'s granddaughter. Her parents were Ivory Douglass and Phoebe Smith. He came from Cattaraugus county, New York, to section 28, Walworth, in 1837, with ten children. He was chairman of the board of county commissioners, 1840-2, and a supervisor in 1848. He was one of the earliest school commissioners. He died February 16, 1867. His children were: Oscar Houghton, Christopher Columbus, Aurilla Ann, Roxana Columbia, Maria Theresa, Gilbert Lafayette, Phoebe Angeline, Agnes Noailles, Carlos Lavallette, Maria Louisa Josephine.

In the same book in a different section it made reference to the fact that he was at one time judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Erie county, NY, and also served in the war of 1812.

So in the end it looks like he did ok for himself. 10 kids, getting to be called "Your Honor," and the advantage of having 6 fingers.

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