Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - Elder William Brewster

The most famous of my relatives died today, 368 years ago on 10 April 1644 in Plymouth Massachusetts. He was Elder William Brewster, and he was one of the Pilgrims that sailed to America on the Mayflower.

This marker was placed in the possible place where he could have been buried at Burial Hill in Plymouth. The transcription reads: "Elder William Brewster, Patriarch of the Pilgrims and their ruling elder 1609-1644. Outstanding leader of Pilgrim movement. The founding of Plimoth Plantation and establishment of civil and religious liberty in the New World. B. at Scrooby, England ca. 1566-7; D. at Plymouth, N.E. ca. April 10, 1644; A resident of Plymouth and Duxbury. M. ca. 1589 Mary Wentworth of Scrooby: B. ca. 1568-9; D. at Plymouth ca. April 17, 1627; Both (Mayflower Passangers) rest in unknown graves in Plymouth, possibly in or near Burial Hill. Erected 1967 The Elder William Brewster Society

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