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The Trail of Susan Amanda Greene

My 3 Great Grandma, Susan Amanda Greene, was born 167 years ago on 28 April 1845 in St. Albans, Vermont. But until fairly recently I knew nothing about her. Well, I still know relatively little, but now I know a couple dates, and have been able to trace her family line back pretty far. Part of the problem is that her first and middle name seem to be interchangeable. I have seen Susan Amanda and also Amanda Susan equally the same. So I decided to go with Susan Amanda.

1899 - Lawrence S Wisner Marriage - 3The search for info on Susan all started when I got a copy of her daughter Martha's marriage license. Martha C Morey married Lawrence S Wisner on 1 June 1899, and on the license it says that her mother's name was Amanda Green. Ok, cool, I thought. Now I have the name of Martha's mother (which I didn't have at the time). So I started to try and find anything on Amanda. Nothing. I posted on message boards and everything, but still had no good sources of info. I didn't have much success with finding Martha's father either, William Morey, according to the same marriage license. And actually I still am stuck on him, so if anyone has any info on him or his line I'd really be interested in it. You can find out more on him on my World Connect page on

Susan Amanda (Greene) Anners with son Ed H Morey 5 Jul 1924On a seemingly unrelated front, I was scanning a bunch of pictures out of an album that belonged to my Great Grandma Wisner (Beatrice Marie Hawver). There were some pictures of her husbands parents, Lawrence S Wisner and Martha C Morey. There were also a number of other pictures. This one to the right was labeled as "Grandma Anners July 5 1924." I had no idea who they were and how they were related to the family.

Some time had passed, maybe a year or 2 of continuing genealogy research, not just on this line but also on the many other lines in the family. I then found some info on other lines in Google Books, or more specifically, the books in Google books. It's actually a pretty cool resource, being able to search for names and words and have the passages in the books come right up. So I started looking up other names in Google Books and came across this:

Amanda S., born April 28, 1845. married (first) Nelson Morey, (second) William Anners

Awesome! Not only had I connected the dots, but the info the the book took the Greene family pretty far back. She was the daughter of Henry Collamer Greene and Hannah Larrabee from Vermont. So it was a great connection. The Greene family goes way back to the founding of Rhode Island as a colony in the 1630s. Also another branch of the family that attaches to the Greene line seems to go way back and connects to Henry I of England and Charlemagne. It looks like it's pretty solid, but I haven't had the chance to go through all the info yet. If you want to see the chart that is available, go to The Order of the Crown of Charlemegne.

Another tid bit of info that confirmed the picture's connection to Susan was that I recently found another copy that another relative had, and on the back it said "Grandma Anners & Ed H Morey, her only son."

For more on Susan Amanda Greene's immediate family, check out my info on World Connect on

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