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Amanuensis Monday - JC Hawver's 1878 Diary - January

This weekend I visited the Doris Foley Library in Nevada City, CA. I went with my dad and he was checking out some maps of the area and property maps of where his house is. While he was doing that I took a quick look at the card index to see if there was anything on the Hawvers that lived in the area, and there was.

There was a transcription of the 1878 diary of JC Hawver, who was a local dentist and later became a prominent person in Auburn. This transcription was done by his great great granddaughter. I took some pictures of the transcription and later read through it at home. I found out a couple bits of information that I didn't know, and the entries even though they were pretty short painted a picture of his daily life in the foothills that I thought was pretty interesting. So I thought others would be interested to read what he had written. Here are his entries for January 1878.

1-1 Bro. Brall--- traveled over 120,000 miles while working in the cause of temperance, will never know the good accomplished.

1-22 Shouldered my Engine and packed it up to Columbia Hill. Cleaned Pat Farrel teeth, charged him two dollars, the first work I have done out side the Family. Put a nice gold filling for Eva Hallowell, what a feat, one that Dr. Harris of Grass Valley had put in came out. Got home just in time for supper though it rained like spit. Just at dusk we set out a lard can in a fair place to catch the rain, that we might see about how much rain falls. Recd. a letter from Dr. J.C. Leonard.

1-23 Put in another gold filling for Mrs. Hallowell. I think I have made a success of the work done for her which amounted to $5.00. Finished the day on Emerson Fowler’s teeth. Got home through less rain. Lutie and Stasia washed but stand a poor chance to get the clothes dry.

1-24 Finished Emerson Fowler’s teeth using New Amalgum and Hills White Stopping to fill his teeth with, charged $10.00 with the understanding that when they got the money I would take out the stopping in the front teeth and fill them with gold for $5.00 more.

1-25 Packed my traps over to Mr. Hulband’s house. Found a splendid room to work in, well lit and warm. Filled two cavities with amalgam for Mrs. Hulband. Got home hungry as I quit Fowlers to soon for dinner and to Hulbands to late.

1-26 Repaired tree cavities and filled them with gold for Hulbands, finishing the job of filling then pulled a root for Anne and a lower right molar for Nellie. I called their bill $23.00. Took a walk up to the post office and back and packed my instruments home through the rain. Spent the rest of the day listless enough.

1-27 I had intended to go to N San Juan today but it looked so much like rain and a late start caused me to stay at home. I pitched quarts with Henry and shoot a revolver at a marker with Stephens, they both beat me. I was about as successful a beau for Lutie in the end, but I will always be her friend. And how did it rain! Mr. Wm Stephens did the most for our entertainment but in consequence had to go home in a coat that I loaned him.

1-28 Went to N San Juan and back home. Father fixed up Tom (horse) all good and nice for me to ride him to N San Juan, could not say what I appreciated for his kindness, Leonard gave me the rest of my instruments which have just come from Philadelphia. Gilbert had my new _______ boots done, they are roomy for sure. The roads are fearfully rutted up from last nights rain, two inches fell.

1-29 Lined my box that holds my instruments (Forceps, Pluggers, Points, Etc.) with red felt, it makes an improvement. It took all day to putter as above and clean all by tricks and put them in good shape. A huge washing entertained the girls in the rear part of the house.

1-30 Put in a square day in the kitchen on two photograph frames shaped and covered with white beans, green and brown coffee, small white rocks, and four o’clock seeds. Covered with glass ground in small pieces. The last one looks much the prettiest and mother’s picture will be put into it and hung in Luties and my room. Lutie and Stasia ironed a large washing.

1-31 The sun broke out about noon today and on remarking that I was going up town Lutie and Stasia said they were going along. So up town we three went, no adventuring as Luties over shoes with mud on the trail which had been covered full of loose mud. Stasia staid all night with Mrs. Clay. Katie came a pace down the reservoir bank with Lutie and I as we came home from Mrs. Brauchers. Sent to San Juan for a money order of $2.57.

Lutie = Lucretia, JC's wife
Stasia = Anastasia Hawver, JC's sister
Tom = JC's horse
Dr. JC Leonard = JC's teacher of dentistry

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