Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last year I discovered that my wife descends from the Pilgrim William Brewster who was on the Mayflower. So for today I though I would show my son's relationship.

Elder William Brewster (ca 1567-1644)
Jonathan Brewster (1593-1659)
Grace Brewster (1639-1684)
Mary Wetherell (1668-1711)
Sarah Denison (1710-1797)
William Douglass (1731-1805)
Ivory Douglass (1761-1825)
Phebe Douglass (1787-1867)
Anastasia Noallis Douglass (1825-1906)
Monroe Emilious Hawver (ca 1845-1879)
Benjamin Monroe Hawver (1877-1938)
Beatrice Marie Hawver (1901-1992)
Lawrence Benjamin Wisner (b 1924)
Raymond Lawrence Wisner (b 1948)
Sandee Denise Wisner (b 1975)
Nicholas Todd Broersma (b. 2003)

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