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Amanuensis Monday - JC Hawver's 1878 Diary - February

Here is the continuing saga of JC Hawver's daily life in his own words. These are his entries from February 1878

2-1 Saw numerous friends in No Bloomfield, thinking it would justify I concluded to take my instruments up by stage in the morning. Brought Lutie home a pair of of rubber over shoes lined with flannel and buckling in front of the ankle a unbleached cloth. Brought Mother home three balls of knitting cord for # 1 I got five linen collars #15 of course my favorite style. Father was as indulgent as ever this morning. I told him how Mother thought he humored me to much.

2-4 Reached N Bloomfield some where about noon, was hospitably received by Mr. Smith and his deserving daughters Nellie and Tillie and son Fulton. I saw Tom (horse) in good comfortable quarters then took dinner and went to work. It took all day as there was much decayed teeth. 2-5 Continued work, and attended lecture of Mr. Leland and his reorganization of North Bloomfield Lodge #460 of the I.O.G.T.

2-6 This morning I stepped into the first snow I have met with this season. The south wind came near severing the roof as it did about blow it off. This at Victors house where I slept for the night and where I slept and roomed with McAllister during the winter of 73-4.

2-7, 8 & 9 Put in gold fillings and cleaned teeth, spent the evenings with friends.

2-9 Had an appointment with a man for this afternoon but he failed to appear so I mounted Tom and headed straight for home, where I was glad to get and glad to be welcomed back. Lutie, Stasia and I went to lodge where we were elected to different jobs.

2-10 The fornoon had slipped away before I had any thing done but to taking my bath. Lutie and Mother went with me as far as the edge of the Diggings as I went to Columbia Hill where I did some work.

2-11 How hard work it was for me to leave Lutie and the pleasantness of home this morning as I got ready to start for Humbug. When I reach my journeys end safely about one pm for all it rained steady since morning. But taking the tops of a pair of gum-boots for leggings and a blue cloak with Tom to ride I came out all dry. Many thanks to Mr. Kallenburger the barber for his room and use of his new chair. I did much good work.

2-18 Edwards Hotel in Humbug is the only place in town that will comfortable enough for Lutie when she comes to stay.

2-20 Played cards at the Barber shop and took a lesson to not encourage card playing. Wish Lutie was here!

2-22 It is not many years since I could lay in bed and hear dancing going on over my head. (Washington’s Birthday Dance in the Hotel where he stayed).

2-24 Have many friends in N San Juan but barely any work. Instead of spending my money for cards and liquor, I will spend it to improve my instruments and do better work.

Lutie = Lucretia, JC's wife
Stasia = Anastasia Hawver, JC's sister
Tom = JC's horse
Dr. JC Leonard = JC's teacher of dentistry

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