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Amanuensis Monday - JC Hawver's 1878 Diary - June & July

Here is some more out of the diary of Dr JC Hawver. There were no entries for May transcribed in the document that I found, so either he didn't have any or there were some missing pages in the original when it was transcribed. Here are his entries for June and July 1878.

6-9 Stasia’s Birthday. Mrs. Beach and four children, K. Backus, M.J., Annie & Alice N. and others came down and we ate dinner under the apple trees in the orchard when the hay had been cut off.

6-10 Left home intending to ride to N. Bloomfield with Cunningham was too late so I rode up with the butcher, got up too late to do any work. Commenced board at Mrs. Victor’s again.

7-4 Father and Henry work on the road while the rest of us stayed at home having no way of going banbury. Fathers often and gay on a sled, but we will wait and take our Fourth when we get our horse and buggy and start out on the road. I hardly expect to get much of a Fourth.

7-7 Leonard got down from Downieville about nine oclock, bringing Prince and the buggy with him. This morning we hitched Prince up and drove to North Bloomfield to see Mr. Clerendall. Found he had gone to Nevada City with the remains of Wm. Nab who died last night from being thrown from his carriage, but we waited and rode home by moonlight after seeing him when we got home.

7-8 Took Leonard to N San Juan when I bought Prince and buggy from him, giving him my note with father to back it for $200 and Crandall to back it for $300. Father’s due in five months and Crandalls due 2-1-1879. Had prince shod as I came through Cherokee.

7-9 Father takes mother up to No Bloomfield in the buggy in the afternoon. Mother enjoyed the rest.

7-14 Father and all hand laid off the road today, to finish tomorrow. Henry hitched up Prince and took Stasia up to Mrs. Nichols and around for a ride. I filled several teeth form Mr. Talbot.

7-15 Father finished his road at six and got home at supper time. He said a month ago that he would finish the 15th of July but I guess it was more of a happenstance than anything.

7-17 Mother made us a good dinner and as we had all things ready, we started on our first pilgrimage from home about two oclock. Lutie did not seem to mind the start much but it was hard for me to say goodbye and start out from home. Henry seemed to feel it as much as anyone. Everyone has been made so pleasant for me at home that I feel humbled too much to try and express my gratitude in words. So here we are in Nevada City, 10 miles away from there. Tomorrow we will put 14 miles more between us as we will drive to Colfax.

7-18 Made Colfax by late supper time. The road was terrible coming from Grass Valley. The influence of the railroad has been against the major road so now it is in poor trim. Have found a good place to stop at the Exchange Hotel.

7-19 Spent the day resting and looking around Colfax thinking that if work enough came in we could stay here a day or a week but as I have found nothing we will break for Iowa Hill in the morning. Colfax being a railroad town it had excitement enough to keep it up but should judge that the real business done amounts to but little.

7-20 Reached Iowa Hill 10 miles from Colfax between twelve to one. Got dinner and put up at J. Youngs Star Hotel. We have either to make some money in Iowa Hill or pull out fairly soon because our dollars amount to but a very small sum. I think though that I will get something to do.

7-22 Extracted a lower right desideous lateral incisor for Mr. Young ad fifty years of age. The tooth had a perfect root but the crown was curious. It was the same length as his permanent teeth and shows plainly where tobacco has been chewed with it for years. Of course it had been the cause of a crowned denture, but was extracted on account of it’s decaying.

7-29 Everyone today had a piece of smoked glass. Watching the eclipse. I smoked the two front lenses in my small telescope and had a good view of the transit.

Lutie = Lucretia Backus, JC's wife
Stasia = Anastasia Hawver, JC's sister
Henry = Henry Hawver, JC's brother
Prince = JC's horse
Dr. JC Leonard = JC's teacher of dentistry

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